Value Added Taxation

Ukon Relocation offers comprehensive VAT consulting for Finnish and foreign companies.

Ukon Relocation believes that companies should focus on growing their businesses and not consider time-consuming bureaucracy. We think one time-consuming bureaucracy entity is a complex interpretation of VAT.

Finnish tax legislation is strict and tax administration has many tools for investigating tax violations. Improper tax payment or other tax violation can result in high interest payment for example. Companies can avoid these risks by handling VAT and other taxation correctly.

Ukon Relocaton expertise supports you in following situations:

  • VAT registration of foreigners
  • VAT payment
  • VAT law consultation

Pricing of the consultation is based on the time spent by expert. However, Ukon Relocation always offer you a price cap. Consultation price is 190€+ALV per hour.

You can also get to know the instructions independently through the link below:

Website of the Finnish Tax Administration - VAT

Vat registration of a foreign company


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